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Topic subject400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
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19922, 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by harsharan, Sun Jan-16-05 10:34 PM
Hello Members,
I got 400 FUE hair transplantation at my temple area from Dr. A's clinic in New Delhi(India) on 1st Oct, 2004. I am 28 years old. Now its more than 3 months gone, and I can see around 1 inch long hair grafts. Its a good experience to see the hair where there were no hair sometimes back.
Dr Arvind seems to be an experienced and very professional in his approach. The FUE technique is really marvelous, it was almost painless.
I want to share my personal experience of the surgery:
When i reached his clinic in the morning, his assitants checked my sugar/BT/CT report and took my BP measurements. Later on, I was given an injection so that i could feel sleepy, then local anaesthesia was given on my donor area, and i did not feel any pain during the graft extraction from donor area. After this, Dr. Arvind gave me local anaesthesia at reciepent area and created small incisions in my reciepent area for grafting, then his assitants transferred the grafts to these incisions... Later on they applied sealing at the donor area extraction spots so that the red spots should not be visible.
Dr. Arvind was quite communicative, and explained me well about the graft procedure. The whole procedure was almost painless, I was applied bandage which was to be removed in one day. At the first night I slept very well, without any pain. Second morning I took head bath, and there was no itching or pain anywhere.
Plz see the picture of the transplanted hair. (3.5 months post op)at

Immediate post op

3.5 months post op

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Posted by harsharan, Sun Jan-16-05 10:36 PM
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Posted by ETERNAL HOPE, Mon Jan-17-05 12:07 AM
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Posted by fruitcake, Mon Jan-17-05 05:54 AM
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Posted by Joker, Mon Jan-17-05 01:25 AM
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19930, Glad to know you too are experiencing early growth.
Posted by bhupinder, Mon Jan-17-05 05:57 AM
Hi Harsharan,
Glad to know you too are experiencing early growth.

19945, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by High Five Club, Mon Jan-17-05 10:26 PM
It blends in nicely with the rest of his hair. Nice work.

20012, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by kevin2981, Wed Jan-19-05 07:18 AM
what the hellllll...

these are the worst pics ive ever seen, are they upside down or something?
20053, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by 69sting, Thu Jan-20-05 11:14 PM
Excellent growth for 3.5 month's !!! thanks for the update.
20056, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by ETERNAL HOPE, Fri Jan-21-05 01:36 AM
If many of these grafts are approximately 1" in length 3.5 months post op, I would surmise that they did not incur the "shed" aspect whatsoever, and continued to grow from the onset. Were the majority of grafts stored in a dish solution for a specific duration, or were they placed in the recipient area almost immediately after extraction? I'm trying to decipher the elements utilized for quicker initial growth timeframes. Thx.

20093, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by arfy, Fri Jan-21-05 12:14 PM
"Hi Harsharan,
Glad to know you too are experiencing early growth.

I work for Dr. Arvind Poswal/ Dr.A's Clinic."

HOW MANY guys who work for Dr. Poswal need to post on any one forum? I know this is great free advertising for Dr Poswal and a great way to attract attention to himself and drum up new clients but don't you think things are going overboard? There are at least 3 people from that clinic posting here... Dr Poswal, Steve Gillen and now this fellow Bhupinder. How many guys from Dr. Poswal's clinic need to post here?

Are these forums for patients, or for employees of a clinic? I always thought that the forums were for patients, but maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe this is a place where employees from a clinic can write about themselves, as a tool for self-promotion? Well, since every salesman working for the big hair mills also has a hair transplant, maybe it's only fair that they post here too?

There's another forum run by a guy named Pat who is a patient of Dr Shapiro, maybe you have seen his forum. In fact Dr Shapiro helped launch the other forum by becoming the first sponsor of the website and getting the whole thing off the ground. Well, recently there was a thread about Dr Shapiro on Pat's website, and Dr Shapiro felt like he needed to step in and post there to clear things up. Just out of curiousity, I looked at how many posts Dr Shapiro had made in total. Over the approximate 5 year history of that website, Dr Shapiro has posted a total of FIVE or SIX times. That's all!

Get the message? The doctor who FOUNDED that website is more concerned with quietly doing consistently good work, and doesn't need to post on the internet every day or every other day.

Good doctors are able to build their practice slowly by delivering consistently good results, building up good "word of mouth". Dr. Shapiro is a good example of that. Occasionally some doctors want to "leapfrog" over that process, and get to the point where they are drawing clients from all over the world, without having put in the extensive TIME and HARD WORK.

Usually this kind of thing is transparent, to the people who are paying attention, although rookies can be easier to fool.

I have no problem if doctors or their employees want to occasionally post online, but just how many employees from ONE CLINIC need to post on the same internet forum?
20094, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by arfy, Fri Jan-21-05 12:32 PM
Oh, and another thing. It's obvious to me that Dr Poswal encouraged this patient to post here... because this patient certainly didn't take these pictures HIMSELF. And the average patient doesn't ask a doctor to take inter-operative photos of his procedure, and then look for a chance to post those pics on the internet in a forum he's never posted in before (or probably ever heard of).

So Dr. Poswal, do you really want to "show off" a 400 graft procedure at the 3 month mark? That is a trivial amount of grafts, and a premature time to show results. Maybe the point is to show "Poswal also does FUE" but patients want to see mature results... consistently good results over time. Refer back to my previous post, about trying to leapfrog over the process of building up a clientele with consistent results shown over time... the key word being "results". Anyone can "move" hair, that is not the same as "results".

I also wish you would stop promoting yourself in the guise of "asking the forum questions" (What Should This Patient Do?) Half of the guys on the forum don't know even the basic information about hair transplants... why are you asking them? Shouldn't you be discussing these kinds of issues with other doctors, or reading their research, rather than asking utter novices for advice? I notice that you sometimes end the threads by displaying "here's what I did" which shows that you weren't actually soliciting opinions, you were just looking for a way to show your work.
20102, For Dr. Poswal
Posted by arfy, Fri Jan-21-05 03:36 PM
I guess I should explain that on another forum, some newbie dope wrote that Dr. Poswal was the best FUE doctor in the world.

When I ridiculed that notion and suggested he was shilling, Dr Poswal's employee Steve Gillen jumped all over me, and challenged me saying that I never posted anything less-than-flattering about Dr. Poswal on Hairsite, where Poswal could read it.

I hope that I have addressed Gillen's request.
20150, RE: For Dr. Poswal
Posted by Optimist, Sat Jan-22-05 10:22 AM
Hey arfy I have read some of your posts and you seem like a nice guy so I will not bash your head in. But again if you don't like that Dr. A posts here just stop reading the posts. Obviously a lot of us here enjoy reading the posts and find nothing wrong with Dr. A posting. Actually most of us think it is great. Just because Dr. Shapiro posted only once in 5 years doesn't mean thats a good thing ... in fact thats a terrible thing. Finally we get an FUE doc that we can have a useful dialogue with and that gets off his high stool and posts questions and results and shows picture only to have you to come along and try to ruin this. Man you are annoying a lot of people. Instead of criticizing Dr. A's behaviour you should criticize the behaviour of Dr's that don't have the time or care of what we all think. While I don't roam other MPB forums and don't know what they have to offer, I like how things are here. I would appreciate it if you have nothing positive to contribute to just pass up Dr. A's posts. A lot of us here appreciate them.
20298, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by harsharan, Wed Jan-26-05 12:49 AM
Answer to question of ETERNAL HOPE:

i guess he immediately grafted the hair follicles after extraction, and did not put in any solution in between. Yes the grafted hair did not shed, and they started growing right from the day one.

- Harsharan
20154, RE: 400 FUE from Dr. A's clinic from India
Posted by race_777, Sat Jan-22-05 04:08 PM
looks great