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Topic subjectRE: Triclosure after strip - pics + videos (1.5mths)
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46577, RE: Triclosure after strip - pics + videos (1.5mths)
Posted by okanagan, Mon Oct-09-06 03:17 AM

Also Dr Sangay do you think that the patients' own healing properties had anything to to do with not having a more undectable tricho scar? Was he destined to have a worse scar no matter what? Because from the first pic looks a little bit like a keloidish looking scar and could that be why not as much hair grew through the scar as we've seen in other cases? Its mostly in that first pic that it seems the growth was not as much as would be desired. The tricho scar definately is better but just not as much as I thought it would be. Hope you interpret these as just legitimate observations and questions and take no offense. Thanks.