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Posted by shuffle, Mon Dec-04-06 02:34 PM

yes, i have a small head, my NW5-area was 120-130cm2. I have fine hair and lower than average density, but good laxity! THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON TO GET THIS RESULT is THE ABSOLUTLY PERFECT ANGULATION AND PLACEMENT OF THE GRAFTS BY DR HASSON AND HIS TEAM!
So, you have more styling options to get a full natural look.
I also use a (for my hair) amazing conditioner...Nanothik swell n coat Hair Technology by Nanogen, and once a week a selfmadeswell-topical 5% MSM with 2% B5 in water over night.

Johny Baldy
7.30 am to 5 pm

hope so....i considered to go back to H&W in about a year for +-1500 grafts into the crown..