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Propecia, Proscar, Arimidex, Spiro, Loniten Open Forum (Protected forum)
1223 topics, 4689 messages
Sun May-20-07 07:33 AM by aloneandbalding
Hair loss medications open topics: Propecia, Spironolactone, Arimidex, Loniten et al.
Avodart / Dutasteride - forum # 2 (Protected forum)
1447 topics, 8782 messages
Mon Jul-09-07 12:06 AM by aloneandbalding
Forum for the discussion of Avodart / Dutasteride: Glaxo's dual 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. A more potent alternative to Propecia or Finasteride.
Avodart / Dutasteride (Protected forum)
4705 topics, 29993 messages
Thu Jun-21-07 10:34 PM by squishy
Avodart (Dutasteride): Dual 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, the biggest news in hair loss treatment since Propecia.
Drugs & Medications: Experts Q&A Forum (Protected forum)
56 topics, 83 messages
Sat Apr-14-07 06:55 PM by HOPELIKEHELL
Q&A forum where doctors and experts answer questions pertaining to internal hair loss medications such as Propecia and Avodart.
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