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Subject: "Forum Changes & Login Problems" First topic | Last topic
HairSiteTue Apr-17-07 10:22 AM
Member since Apr 16th 2007
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"Forum Changes & Login Problems"
Tue Apr-17-07 11:23 AM by HairSite



I apologize for the forum changes so sudden.

First off, this is not the layout I had planned for the forum. This whole forum will be phased out shortly. This is just a transitional platform until the new forum is fully functional.

There will be interruptions to the forum from time to time for the next couple weeks until the new forum is launched.

A couple of things about this transitional platform:

1) Many have reported trouble logging in. I am still trying to work out the kinks with the login problem. If you have trouble logging in, I suggest you clear the cookies and cache memory in your browser, close the browser, then re-open it and try to login again. This seems to solve the login problem for most people.

2) If you prefer a layout that is similar to what we used to have, please click choose classic view from the menu across the top of the screen.

3) Also, feel free to play around with the forum display options across the top of the screen, you should be able to see these options, choose one that you feel comfortable with:

Choose classic view | Expand topics | View in linear mode |

Again, my apologies for the changes. Your patience is much appreciated until the new forum goes live.

If you have any questions, please email me at, I am online almost 24/7 trying to make this transition as painless as possible for everyone.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. Please do not consider anything you read from this website or any of the forums as medical advice.


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Forum Changes & Login Problems [View all] , HairSite, Tue Apr-17-07 10:22 AM
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