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Link to the NEW FORUM [View all]
Here's the link to the new forum, please DO NOT use this forum. READ ONLY, do not post. This forum is now officially in the archives. Please use ne
HairSiteApr-29-07 12:24 AM0

New Forum will be launched today. [View all]
Please do NOT post in the forum. This forum will be phased out and put in the archives today. New forum will be launched momentarily. I am excited
HairSiteApr-29-07 12:23 AM
by HairSite
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Apr 28th 2007
here s the link
Apr 29th 2007

Forum Changes & Login Problems [View all]
I apologize for the forum changes so sudden. First off, this is not the layout I had planned for the forum. This whole forum will be phased out sh
HairSiteApr-17-07 06:26 PM0
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